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Discover your language
Empower your voice

Shift your narrative
Make sense of your story

Personalized, intensive

Enneagram coaching
for fresh perspective

and deeper insight

Meet Naomi

Certified Enneagram Teacher

Equipping you with the tools of the Enneagram to explore & live your everyday, extraordinary story with beautiful freedom.

I love nothing more than equipping people with a language that helps them to both articulate themselves and recognize what is happening in the moment so they can make choices from awareness and grow into free, abundant living. I teach the Enneagram as the conversation we're having with ourselves and the world, and then coach you through how to identify when your type is at play and provide practical tools for what to do with that knowledge. 


What's Possible For You

Discover Your Language

Empower Your Voice

Shift Your

Make Sense of
Your Story

Join the


Making sense of your story begins with
the language you're speaking.
Start the conversation today.

Working with Naomi was extremely encouraging and life giving. She is so insightful, compassionate, and intuitive. I learned so much about myself and my tendencies, as well as those closest to me. She created an atmosphere of vulnerability and grace, and enabled me to do the same with my family.

- Lorin

Naomi is great! She is very knowledgeable and is able to explain the the Enneagram in a very digestible way.

- Nathan

Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air that I’ve been needing for some time now! I feel like I have more clarity on why I think the way I do, and why I feel certain ways. I thought that my frustrations and actions wouldn’t make sense or be explainable, but Naomi’s coaching made my thoughts and emotions feel understood, respected and valued! 

- Sara

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