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Meet Naomi

Certified Enneagram Teacher & Coach

Teacher and Coach. Instructor and Guide. Educator and Equipper. Storyteller and Conversationalist. There are many words for what I do, but whatever you call me, it all stems from the same place.

Hi! I'm Naomi M. Tucker and I lead with Enneagram Type Three. I saw myself struggle with the same things for years, constantly self-conscious, yet without the self-awareness to make any real changes or experience any lasting growth. Discovering the Enneagram was like deciphering a language I'd always spoken but never understood. It articulated things I've known to be true about myself with a clarity I wasn't expecting.

And honestly? It was uncomfortable. And amazing.

Suddenly a whole world of understanding was bubbling up from within and I could literally exhale the breath I had been holding for most of my life. So of course I dove in as deep as I could!


After essentially putting myself through "Enneagram grad school" in thorough research, reading 35 books (and counting!), and observational conversations, I trained with the Narrative Enneagram to become a certified Teacher of the Enneagram so I can continue to share this profoundly helpful tool with others. I do so by speaking at workshops, training business teams, and instructing small private groups, couples, and individuals, teaching the Enneagram system and applying its conversational and story-like principles to relationships, art/creativity, faith, work, and self-growth.

But this is an "About Me" section, right? So, fun facts - go!

- My background is theatre and writing

- I've lived in four states and now call Colorado home with my husband, the bearded artist

- My two kids have more energy than I ever thought possible

- I'm happiest with a good book, delicious tea, a thought-provoking show, and a rich conversation - sometimes at the same time.

There is so much more to say, so let's just chat! I can't wait to be speaking of the Enneagram with you!



Certified Teacher of the Enneagram

The Narrative Enneagram

Master of Arts in Theatre
Regent University


I approach the Enneagram as a whole-system theory, exploring all the intricacies, nuances, and schools of thought in order to discover what best applies to each individual, digging deeper than social media and introductory books can provide. I seek above all to have good conversations in which a person feels safe and encouraged to question, learn, and breathe deeply and freely.

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