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You + A Few

Pause. Breathe. Get Excited.

You run a small team that needs to level up their teamwork.

Your friend group wants to support each other's growth and development.

Your family could use a tool to get along better.

You're part of a ministry that wants to love
even more specifically.

You need to host an Enneagram workshop!


Why Small Group Teaching & Coaching Is For You

Learning the tools of the Enneagram in the intimacy of a small group is a powerful experience. It is here that vulnerability is cultivated, masks are removed, and stories are shared.


From corporate teams to families to non-profit organizations to book clubs, discovering a common language and a depth of understanding helps to begin and continue hard, good, and productive conversations. And because we're reaching beyond behaviors and into motivations and core operating systems, your group benefits from the byproduct of grace and compassion.


And the ripple effects are enormous.


Not only does your team or group reap a harvest, the families and friends of each individual are impacted as attendees go into the world with their own voices empowered and stories unleashed.


Plus - it's just plain fun to learn about each other and see where the conversation leads. 

Small Group Options

Discover Your Language

4.5 hour workshop


Let's lay the groundwork of the Enneagram system. In this 4.5 hour workshop, we cover the basics of how the Enneagram works, providing resources to discover unknown type, tools specific to your group, and guided interactions to practice what we've learned. This workshop can be scheduled in 1-3 sessions and requires a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 15.

Empower Your Voice

9 hour workshop


Take your group to the next level with this intensive workshop designed to get deep into how understanding the Enneagram can free each person to operate in their strengths, identify their blind spots, and work together. Topics covered are customizable. This workshop can be scheduled in 1-6 sessions and requires a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 15.

Unleash Your Story

Design your own workshop. Contact me to customize the focus, length, and format of the workshop you're dreaming of.

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