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Mission, Values, & Method


My Mission

To equip people with the tools of the Enneagram to explore and live their everyday, extraordinary stories with beautiful freedom.

My Values


The act of showing up in the present is truly a gift and the only way we’ll progress. When we’re here, we’ll be all here.


This has more to do with honest soul searching and the possibility that what we talk about may be true for you than it does with spilling out everything. Choosing to look in the mirror of honesty can be difficult, but if unwilling, we won’t move forward at all.


In this work, asking “Why?” is the pivotal question. Exploring with curiosity and willingness to receive what is discovered is the fuel for our journey.


As we show up honestly and engage in curiosity driven conversation, we can tap into our creativity to enhance our exploration and discover application. This is both a means and an end, as the more we stretch our creativity, the more creative we become.

Growth in Tension

Abstract/Concrete. Strength/Beauty. Work/Play. Activity/Rest. Dissonance/Peace. Curiosity/Settledness. Movement/Pause. We work within the tension, traveling the spectrum, and observing what comes up at any given moment. Relaxing the tension, while good for your shoulders, is not always good for the human that desires to grow. Using the tension is what strengthens us.

My Method


Discovering your type and learning the basics about it come from conversation. The art of conversation is a means of transformation and is the foundation of my training method for every interaction.


The Enneagram, like life, is complex and benefits from the stories of those who have gone before. I help people navigate the system of the Enneagram so they can learn the ins and outs, digging deeper to mine for the truths that have always been present but perhaps not articulated.


Taking what we’ve learned from conversation and navigation, we now apply it to specific circumstances, relationships, and self-awareness. This includes thought experiments, somatic exercises, creative tapping, and spiritual practices.

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