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Coversations to Change Your Life

Let's find the context
that works best for you


Just You

You want to learn more about the Enneagram and yourself and how to shift the narrative in your life, faith, relationships, work, or art. Whether you know your Enneagram Type or not, let's talk - just you and me.


You + A Few

When we speak each other's language, we work together stronger, smarter, and with more success. Families connect on a deeper level, and friends support with more understanding. You bring the small group, I bring the Enneagram!

Therapy Session

You + One

Learning the language of the Enneagram together is a short-cut to healthier communication, deeper compassion, and quicker grace for each other. Roommates, business partners, parent/child benefit, too!

Walking in Autumn

You + A Lot

Want to host a workshop for your company, church, or event? Need a speaker for your retreat, conference, or seminar? Spice up the conversation with the deeply personal, yet universally applicable Enneagram!

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