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You + One

Pause. Breathe. Reflect.

You've been misunderstanding been each other at a fundamental level.

You feel at odds without knowing why.

You have the same disagreements over and

over again.

You've thought about therapy, but can't get each other on board.

You want to go deeper in your relationship and grow together.

What if it you were fluent in each other's language?


Why 2:1 Teaching & Coaching Is For You

Close relationships often have the disadvantage of feeling like we know each other. And yes, I said "disadvantage." Whether we love each other, work together, live together, or just hang out a lot, we can be lulled into thinking we know everything or at least enough to make the relationship work. 

And that lack of knowing takes its toll.

What if there was a way to understand where each other was coming from and why?

What if you were equipped to recognize and embrace the different pages you are writing on so your stories flowed more seamlessly?

No matter where you are on your journey together, learning about your Enneagram types together and how they interact can bridge the gap and give you a common language to articulate both your inner world and the world of your relationship. You can meet your typical challenges with a new level of grace, compassion, and understanding that will strengthen your bond, improve communication, and ease the tension.

This isn't marriage counseling or couples therapy. This is me helping you find that common language so you can have a good conversation that gets right at the heart of things. It's a conversation worth starting and definitely worth continuing.


2:1 Options

Make Sense of Your Story - for Two

Six 90-minute Sessions

+ Two 60-minute Typing Sessions

Are you ready to live freely and fully? Do you desire to develop your relationship more deeply? These six sessions are designed to take you through intensive work on understanding the Enneagram system, recognizing how your patterns are connected to your type structure, and equip you with practices to grow in freedom right from where you are - together. Includes a mid-program typing session to discover or confirm the type with which you lead. This package is repeatable with continued content.

Continue the Conversation - for Two

Individual 90-minute Sessions

*for current & previous clients

Need to process a situation through the lens of the Enneagram? Want to focus on one specific area of learning? Individual sessions are available after a package has been completed. Use this time to refresh, strengthen, and realign your perspective and relationship using the wisdom and knowledge you've gained.

Expert Training - for Two

Twelve 60-minute Sessions

+ 120-minute Personal Coaching Session

You've been doing the work together, now you want to share the work together. In this in-depth training, we dive into the Enneagram system as a whole, taking a thorough look at the dynamics and layers of the Enneagram, all nine types, and all 27 subtypes. Excellent for those who are in a position to share the Enneagram as part of their job, ministry, or volunteer work with confidence and expertise without needing certification. Includes a 120-minute coaching session for two - OR two 60-minute individual coaching sessions.

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