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Why the Enneagram?

I believe Enneagram work is most effective in conversation,
so that's exactly what I'm here for:
to equip you with a dynamic language and
talk about the Enneagram with you!

And speaking of the Enneagram...

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-reflection, discovery, and awareness. On the surface, it is a personality system suggesting there are nine distinct ways of being in the world, nine ways that we are motivated and driven, and nine ways we seek what we need. Understanding both our own way and that of others begins to foster compassion, grace, and connection at a deeper level.


But it doesn’t stop there.


Digging beyond the basics of Enneagram types into the dynamics and layers of the system, one discovers a rich opportunity for nuance, variety, and individualized paths of growth, health, and transformation. When taught and used well, the Enneagram can be an effective tool for the ongoing navigation of life, relationships, work, and faith.


My mission is to equip people with a thorough understanding of the tools of the Enneagram to explore and live their everyday, extraordinary lives with beautiful freedom. And because I see the Enneagram as the conversation we have with ourselves and the world about who we are and how we need to be loved, I value the art of conversing with you to help you get at the very heart of you swiftly and effectively.


My Approach

You'll hear me speak of the Enneagram in many metaphors: it's the mask we wear, the corset that constricts us, the map that shows the way home, etc. My hope is to take you deeper than just knowing your Enneagram type and past wearing your number as another badge of shame or honor, and help you to explore the freedom that is possible as we loosen our type structure and breathe deep into who we actually are behind the type. 

I believe a thorough understanding of how the system itself functions and how your own type operates within the system is essential to unlocking that freedom. My conversational sessions are full of teaching, coaching, and practices to help you grow from here, equipping you with the tool of the Enneagram to use in everyday life. And since this is personal work, every session is customized to you and your own journey.

My Personal Why

When I first encountered the Enneagram, I did not realize I was marking a time period in my life: Before the Enneagram and After the Enneagram. Before the Enneagram, I hit the same walls over and over again without ever knowing why. I found myself stuck in the same ruts going nowhere fast. I was constantly frustrated with myself and my own lack of movement and growth. I could deal with surface level nonsense, but diving much below that didn’t seem to have any purpose beyond making me feel bad about myself.


After the Enneagram, I have a tool that equips me to be present with myself, my tendencies, my motivations, and my defenses with purpose, clarity, and grace. I saw myself articulated with such specifics and nuance that while I wanted to cry, I also felt like I could breathe deeply – for the first time in my life. Now when I approach those ruts or get close to those walls, I recognize what is actually at play and address it with compassion for myself and with the freedom to choose a more life-giving way.

This is what I want for you.

Not everyone has the same reaction when they encounter the Enneagram. For some, they fear being put in a box, labelled and pigeon-holed without any deep, personal knowing. Others are skeptical about its validity, origin, or scientific merit. And of course there are those who simply resist self-awareness, fairly confident that it would only produce shame, anxiety, or irritation – or the blatant need to change. I confess to a mixture of all of the above. And yet…

I don’t need to sell you on the Enneagram itself. Truly, it is simply a tool for awareness, understanding, and growth. There are other tools out there. It happens to be the most effective tool I’ve worked with, but that doesn’t mean you will feel the same way.

What I want for you more than anything is to see there is something more than your outward actions going on, and that interacting with that something may just change everything.

Helping you identify and participate in the conversation within for greater growth and expansive freedom is what I’m here for. It’s why I will just keep speaking of the Enneagram and teach you to do so as well. Because who you are and what you say about yourself matters.

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